Are you a high school student that loves comedy? Do you like to laugh, have fun, and make new friends?


Join ComedySportz High School League!


First Semester, every Saturday afternoon for two hours, high school age students come together to learn the basics of improvisational comedy. All of this is done through the use of hilarious ComedySportz games and exercises. Meet new, funny people. Learn to be spontaneous. Strengthen your acting and speaking skills. Improve your confidence. And most importantly, laugh and have a lot of fun!

Then Saturday afternoons, January through March, you'll have a chance to showcase your comedy skills in your own ComedySportz matches performed at our home arena! Invite your family and friends as you compete against other teams, playing ComedySportz games for live audiences. Guaranteed fun for everyone!

Did you know, improv training helps build confidence and reduce anxiety in teens?

Here's an article all about it! 

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