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What is the Loop?


The Loop is a club for people interested in practicing and performing long form improv comedy. Members enjoy the opportunity to attend weekly practices where they are guided by a professional coach to hone their skills in this art form.


The Loop is also a ‘show generator’. Members are assembled into ensembles in order to gain performance opportunities at CSz Seattle’s Other Theatre. Training is largely format-focused (ie. Montage, Harold, Armando, Pretty Flower etc)


The Loop’s purpose is to produce and curate high-quality long form improv shows in CSz Seattle’s The Other Theatre in weekend primetime slots. In order to accomplish this, The Loop trains improvisers to be bold risk-takers who demonstrate resilience and energy, to offer hilarious performances with honesty and heart.


When is it?


Practices are Sundays from 6pm-8pm at CSz Seattle.


How long is the commitment?


The Loop operates in “seasons” of 3 months.


Are there any Prerequisites?


Anyone who auditions must have taken a minimum of three course levels with an established improv comedy theatre organization.


How do I join?


Members must audition. Here's the audition form.


How many people will be in it?


The Loop will have a maximum of 35 performers.


Once I audition, do I need to re-audition for future seasons?


No, you don’t. However if it’s determined that your involvement isn’t a good fit, you may be informed you may not re-join, or that you must re-audition on a future date.


If I get in, how much does it cost?


$60 per season ($20 per month)


What am I getting for my money?


  • Professional coaching with individual-specific feedback.

  • A bunch of new friends.

  • Being a member of The Loop removes many of the burdensome aspects of being in an improv ensemble, The Loop provides:

    • Regular weekly practices

    • Space to practice

    • Coaching

    • Performance opportunities


How are groups decided?


Members of The Loop will pitch ideas for shows. A number of those shows will be selected. Selections will be based on the number of people in The Loop, their availability, and the available performance slots. The Loop’s Artistic Director and Steering Committee will divide the members of The Loop into groups to perform one of the selected show pitches.



Meet the Head Coach!


Alex Grindeland is the founder of CSz Seattle. He performs weekly in our long form and short form improv shows. Alex has been an improvising for 17 years. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Theatre-Education and enjoys teaching, coaching, and directing improvisers of all ages and experience levels.


Meet the Assistant Coaches!

(Bios and headshots coming soon!)

Cagney Ortiz

Elena Martinez

Erica McIntyre

Ethan Smith

Jess Lampe

Yolanda Suarez





Photo Credit: Yolanda Suarez

A typical practice at The Loop would look like this:


6pm-6:15pm: Group warm-ups

6:15pm-7:15pm Main Lesson w/ Head Coach)

7:15-7:20 BREAK

7:20-8:00pm Break-off Practices w/ Assistant Coaches


Season 1 Dates:


Audition: January 20th 6pm-8pm


Practices on Sundays 6pm-8pm January 27th-April 21st


Last Sunday of each month is a show/jam 6:30-8:00pm, featuring one or two Loop groups, followed by a jam for any Loop members.


Questions? Email Alex Grindeland. ALEX@CSZSEATTLE.COM


Here's that audition form one more time :)