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Your business strategy is shifting. Now is the time to learn the skills of Applied Improvisation to foster creativity.

dynamic thinking for a dynamic world

Right now, teams are needing to urgently adjust what they do and how they do it. Companies are stretching themselves in new ways, trying unfamiliar approaches, and taking bigger risks out of necessity. They’re seeking creative thinking and ideas that break the status quo. While they could immediately look outward to external consultants to help them make these changes, consultants are expensive - and therefore not an option for many. 


There is untapped creativity and bold ideas in your current team that can help effectively navigate these changes. Our certified Applied Improvisation facilitators can help you create a team environment that encourages the kind of novel idea generation and effective collaboration that you need. With our virtual Applied Improvisation workshops, your team will learn a wide variety of valuable collaborative communication skills:


  • Prolific idea generation -- practicing going for quantity of ideas rather than self-censoring for quality 

  • Yes, and -- building on someone else's idea to see where that takes you

  • Risk taking -- Putting yourself out there at the risk of looking foolish to your co-workers

  • Listening -- While the business change might be urgent, it's important to not devolve into chaos. Listening is still critical.

Great ideas can come from anyone and anywhere! Create an environment where people feel encouraged to share their ideas.


And all of our trainings are customizable! Tell us about your group, your interests, and your goals, and we can customize the training to focus on your specific needs!

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“The MOST FUN I've had all quarantine long. I can't remember the last time that I was able to laugh with a group of people. 10/10 would recommend again.  I didn't realize that I was stressed until after this de-stressing event.”


- Amazon Employee, March 8, 2021


“Was a bit skeptical to how the virtual improv session would work out, but ended up having a really great time and got to meet a lot of new people!”


- Amazon Employee, March 8, 2021


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